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We now have our whiskey maturation program underway and we're inviting you to secure your own unique slice of our history. 

Our very first batch of Whiskey Black's Double Barrel is bottled and ready for you to try. This liquid is the product of a unique maturation process - we have re-barrelled 2yr Old Straight Bourbon Whiskey from Lawrenceburg Indiana (Whiskey City, USA) in brand new charred 90L American White Oak barrels right here at our distillery in Bristol.

It's tasting rich, spicy & bold, with all the sweet flavours we love about Bourbon, and with each drop of liquid getting the chance to draw on not one but two brand new charred oak barrels to gather complex notes of vanilla, raisins and caramelised sugar, this whiskey is truly a one of a kind.

We are currently laying down Batch 2 which will soon be available for pre-sale.